Pigspigot is an online, user-generated greeting card company that will allow customers to send both e-cards and snail-mail cards to friends and family. We like to think of it as a sort of anti-Hallmark with a wiki twist.

Browse our collection, using our editor's picks or check out what's "popular" to see the cards people love the most. We offer free e-cards, but try sending a paper card for the insanely low price of 3.99 (including shipping). We're sure your loved ones would love you more if you send them the real deal (and we're pretty sure the converse is true, too; yikes!). Check out our FAQ section for more technical details or contact us with any questions.

Or, if you're feeling clever and art-tastic, submit some cards! You can upload designs that you've created on your computer or you can use our nifty card template. Please do it. Por favor. Because without you, we'd have no cards.

Like parties? We'll help you throw one with our PigSpigot Party Packs. We will send you a pack of blank cards, stickers, crayons and even cool music to throw your own PigSpigot Party. Send us back a bunch of cards and we'll give you, the host, a Starbucks gift card.

It's risky, you know, trusting you with our website. But time and again, sites that trust their users have been rewarded. From wikipedia (www.wikipedia.com) to threadless (www.threadless.com), the quality of your work has proven marvelous. We believe in the wisdom of the crowds, far more than we believe in the caffeinated introverts chained to their drawing desks in St. Louis (OK that was snarky. We're sorry. It's a thankless job, we know. And they sure do a far better job than Adam Sandler in Mr. Deeds). So whether you are here to design cards or send them, just know you are part of an exciting experiment. Welcome to PigSpigot. We Love you.