Frequently Asked Questions

About the cards

What do the card rankings mean?

They are based on a Bayesian formula so the cards that are sent the most and given "thumbs up" the most often get ranked higher.

Some of these cards are offensive. How's that cool?

Well democracy can be rough around the edges. But we want to err on the side of freedom of speech - just try to show a modicum of respect (like love, comedy hurts too sometimes). If you see something that goes beyond the boundaries of even good ol' fashioned rated "R" humor into the realm of hardcore pornography or racism (not cool!) please flag the card and we will remove it.

Designing stuff

Why should I upload my card design to PigSpigot?

Well it's an easy way to send your own card design to friends and family and a good way to promote your website (especially if you are a professional or semi-pro graphic designer or artist). But add to that the possibility of greeting card fame and making some cash from us (if a particular card's sales top 1000, you'll receive a $500 bonus!).

Who owns the cards I make -- me or PigSpigot?

The wonder of creative commons is that we both own the content. We can sell and use your content that you upload, but you retain the right to use your work in any way you wish.

Sending paper cards

Is my financial info safe?

Absolutely. Our site is completely certified, verified and 100% legit. The payment sites we use, google and paypal, are completely and rigidly protected.

What happens if I find out after I've sent a card that the address is wrong?

Please contact immediately and we will correct the information to make sure it goes to the right place. Let's hope you don't send a naughty card to your boss by accident.


I contribute to the landfills enough as it is, isn't snail-mailing a card environmentally irresponsible?

In a perfect world, spam filters would be uber intelligent and you would never see another email for penis enlargements, and sending spam snail mail would be a punishable crime. But alas, we all secretly open those enlargement emails, because maybe, just maybe, someone's figured it out, and pounds of unopened, bleached paper go right in the garbage every day.

But unlike unwanted chinese food menus and "pre-approved" credit card offers (that you were never actually approved for), greeting cards make people happy. Unless you are dumping someone with one (if so, shame on you. at least have the decency to text the person you're dumping). Sending cards is back in style. And you don't have to feel guilty about ruining the planet either, because all our cards are printed in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council standards!

The what?!

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It sets forth principles, criteria, and standards that span economic, social, and environmental concerns. The FSC standards represent the world's strongest system for guiding forest management toward sustainable outcomes. They ensure a sustainable "chain of custody" from the people that plant the trees to the printer and everyone in between. The FSC ensures all companies in this chain are keeping to the highest environmental standards. To learn more about the FSC and it's environmental standards visit

But what does this mean for my cards?

Basically it means that your cards rock - they are funny, they make people happy, and they don't contribute to the decimation of our planet. Recycled paper is great because it is reusing stuff that is already out there, but it does nothing to help the rain forests that are getting clear cut every day and the species that go extinct because their homes have been stolen. The FSC monitors every step of the process to make sure that for every tree cut, another is planted and a bunch of other cool planet-friendly things. So, when you order a card from us, you can feel good that you've made someone happy and that you've made the best possible choice in relation to this planet we call home.